Metro Heights [EXPANSÃO]

Principais Características
  • 21 Styles for the Acoustic Agent drum kits in Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4
  • 12 kit pieces recorded in over 17,400 samples and over 5.8 GB in total
  • 24-bit recordings with up to 12 velocities and 5 round robins
  • 3 reverb channels per instrument including chamber 1, 2 and digital reverb
  •  3 ambient channels per instrument including overheads, room tight and far
  • 2 additional trash mic channels for extra character (bullet and geek)
  • Exclusive drum MIDI grooves played by Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore)
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Steinberg Metro Heights [EXPANSÃO]


Indie rock´s finest — gritty, raw and explosive drums

From Brooklyn Heights to Highland Park — Metro Heights captures the raw drum sound of the underground rock hotspots in America.
Recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios the full-blown drum library comprises more than 17,400 samples and brings out the best of the beautiful vintage ’60s Slingerland drum kit.

Recorded on vintage ’60s Slingerland drum kit

Over 17,400 top-quality samples, various ambient channels in mono and stereo, the spacious vibe of two live reverb chambers, a classic digital reverberation unit plus a setup of carefully selected microphones make this Groove Agent drum library one of a kind.



Included instruments

Kick drums

  • ’60s Slingerland Kick 14″ x 26″
  • Yamaha Club Custom Kick 15″ x 22″

Snare drums

  • Off Brand Maple Snare 8″ x 14″
  • ’50s Slingerland Steel Snare with original head 5.5″ x 14″


  • ’60s Slingerland toms 13”
  • ’60s Slingerland toms 15”
  • ’60s Slingerland toms 18”


  • 13″ Meinl Dark Hats
  • 16″ Meinl Extra Dry Crash
  • 18″ Meinl Jazz Crash/Ride
  • 22″ Off Brand Riveted China
  • 20″ Meinl Sand Ride

The Sound Emporium Studio comprises a generous 32ʹ x 45ʹ recording space and two live reverb chambers that bring out the best of the ’60s Slingerland drum kit. Mixed on the legendary Neve VR60 analog console, processed through various Lindell preamps, compressed by units from Urei and saturated with special vintage tube gear make the sound rough around the edges and less polished. It’s the perfect fit for athletic rhythms, propulsive grooves and forceful indie rock songs you’d connect with the biggest musical cities in the country.

21 included drum styles

Inspired by the freshest indie rock songs from the musical hotspots in America our expert sound designers recorded 21 different Styles for Groove Agent. Each Style comes to life with that typical “we don’t give a f*** attitude” in a broad set of wild and ecstatic drum rhythms. With Groove Agent’s Style Player you can instantly change your indie grooves’ complexity and intensity, and there is more. Each Style includes several intros, endings, main parts and fills and you can easily export a Style via drag & drop to your DAW of choice.

The recording team

Metro Heights for Groove Agents were produced by allenmorganaudio LLC (Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton) in cooperation with the sound designers at Steinberg. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Allen Morgan developed the concept and put together the team that was challenged to convey the genuine sound into Groove Agent. Audio Engineer Buckley Miller worked with artists like Mat Kearney, Josh Groban, John Tibbs or Kelly Clarkson. The seat as the session drummer was taken by Miles McPherson who was in charge for the sampling as well as for some of the Styles which are heavily influenced by the sound of Nashville.


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